Ripping & Sewing

I started working on the Pink Camo/Bunny crib quilt again today and I just couldn’t stand all the pink I had used in the borders…it was just, just…too much. Last time I was at JoAnn’s I picked up a pink/brown/gray floral with intentions of using on this quilt but wasn’t sure how at the time. Today I decided to remove the pink borders and use the floral instead…what a difference! Much better contrast and all those colors match the pink camo flannel print that I’ve got for the back…bonus!

New borders

Between all of that ripping and resewing I took a break to make my first “10 minute block”. I’ve had this block on my list for months and had forgotten about it. The other day I saw a blog post from Ramblings From Randi, The Wild Rose Quilter and it reminded me, so I pulled out some fabric, cut 10″ blocks and whipped one out…it took me about 15 minutes but that’s not bad for my first one 😀

10 min block

I have enough of these fabrics to make a decent sized quilt…but I can’t start another project just yet. I’ve got to get a few off my plate first 😉

That’s about all for now…G’night!

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