Mojo oh mojo…where did you go?

I’m not sure if it’s the time change or the weather change or something else altogether but I just can’t seem to find my running mojo. I haven’t run since Oct 31 when I put in a hard fought 3 miles – it wasn’t so hard from a physical perspective as it was the mental perspective. The whole time I was running I was cursing myself for not being more consistent and fighting back the gremlins that kept telling me it was ok to stop at 1 or 2 miles. Ugh…why does my brain do this?

Every day since then I’ve been trying to pep-talk myself into a run but it just hasn’t worked…the gremlins have won. About two weeks ago I re-joined Weight Watchers, after a 3 year hiatus, and I’ve been making better food choices but I haven’t fully committed to that either. I’ve been trying to focus on “why” I want to lose weight and be more active but that hasn’t resulted in finding my mojo. Any suggestions would be appreciated 🙂


On a brighter note, I’ve been getting caught up on some of my sewing/quilting projects. I finished and mailed the Christmas Tree table runner and I’ve gotten caught up on the HST Sampler QAL from Amanda at 3and3quaters. There are nine blocks planned in the series…here are my first 6:







I chose to use a Michael Miller layer cake called “Happy Dots” and I really love how fun and pretty the fabrics are…the only issue is I don’t have enough of each color/print to make some of the blocks because there were only a few duplicates in the stack. I’m going to have to check my stash for some other dot fabric, if I don’t have any I guess I’ll just have to buy more!!

That’s about all for now…as I said above, if you have any suggestions to spark my running mojo I’d LOVE to hear it.

4 thoughts on “Mojo oh mojo…where did you go?

  1. I think one of the best pieces of advice I’ve gotten on how to get yourself out there and exercising is to give yourself permission to just do a little bit. The hard part is getting suited up and out the door, so you do that and promise yourself to just do 5 minutes or something. Tell yourself that if you’re still not into it, you can quit after your 5 minutes with no guilt. Once you’re out there, though, odds are you won’t want to quit. I’ve used this technique many, many times, and I almost always wind up doing a full workout because once you’re out there, the hardest part is already done.

    Another thing that’s really helped me is to just do something every day. If I decide to exercise 3 times a week or something, then there’s a whole decision-making process that happens every day, and I’m REALLY good at finding excuses not to exercise today. It’s better for me if I don’t think about it and exercise is just something that happens every day at this time, not a choice I have to make.

    I also rewatch this video when I feel low on motivation:

    I hope this helps. You can do it!

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    1. Thank you so much for offering suggestions!!
      I’ve used the first one before but had forgotten about it. The second piece of advice really resonates with me…I’ve struggled with the 3 days a week plan and have let myself off the hook saying “I’ll do it tomorrow”…yeah, not!
      Wow! thank you for that video…it really is just that simple 😀 I’ve saved it to my favorites so I can watch it whenever I need to!

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      1. I’m glad I was able to help! It’s a struggle, that’s for sure, and I have good weeks and bad weeks. Lately I’ve been walking with a local MeetUp group and that’s been very helpful; maybe you could find a running partner?

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  2. @STH I do have a few running buddies but they’ve decided to train for a Marathon in March and I’m just not willing to do that so our goals & distances are not aligned. I think that may be another reason for my funk.


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