Happy Thanksgiving

I’ll be spending the day sewing, running, watching football and hanging out with friends.

I finished up the third and last double pot holder (using this tutorial except I extended the length to 35″) for the friend we’ll be having dinner with today. She bought the fabrics a few months ago and finally decided which would go together. I also made her some finger pot holders too…great for holding handles and lids.



This isn’t the finished shot, but I turned these two into finger pot holders as well

I’m doing my own ‘turkey trot 5K’ today because I didn’t want to get up at 6am to run in the cold. It’ll be in the 50’s by lunch time so I’ll head out then 😉

Lastly, I’m making broccoli casserole to take to dinner around 4pm. We’ll hang out with friends from the neighborhood and their relatives while we fill our bellies with delicious food and watch football. Then we’ll come home and watch more football and recover from our ‘food coma’.

If I can muster the energy, I may wander back into my sewing room later this evening to start a new project…yeah, we’ll see…

I hope all my US friends have a wonderfully Happy Thanksgiving! Remember to stop and think about all you have to be grateful for, it really does make you feel better ❤



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