Christmas Tree table runner done

Spoiler Alert: Lots of gratuitous pictures to follow!

I finished up my Christmas Tree table runner this evening and I LOVE IT! I finished one earlier this month for a friend in California but it was a little different. For hers, I followed a design I saw on Pinterest which used patchwork squares for the tree and candy cane striped fabric for sashing and binding. I decided I wanted something a little different so I drew my own paper pieced design for the tree and went to work.


As I’ve done in the past, I cut quite a few pieces incorrectly for the various sections…angles always throw me, LOL! I quickly learned that I needed to determine the correct size by placing the fabric over the next section before I cut it, that helped tremendously.

I also changed up some of the colors from the other runner, DH wanted more red in the top so I used a Christmas red for the sashing and binding. I also used red thread to quilt the swirl/circles on the trees…unfortunately it doesn’t really show up all that well – I don’t think it’s the right shade of red – but it’s done now!

Lastly, I used a decorative stitch to sew the binding on the back through the front and kept the white thread in the bobbin…I think it adds a nice touch to the back.

Without further ado…here are the pictures I took:


4 thoughts on “Christmas Tree table runner done

    1. Thanks so much! My machine has quite a few decorative stitches that I haven’t used yet, it does have a curvy line. The stitching on this runner was done free motion quilting, meaning I moved the fabric around to make the designs while the machine was stitching. Let me know if you see something you like and I’ll let you know if I can recreate it 😀

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