Week 4 Day 1

All I can say is…wow! I think I’m really starting to get used to a faster pace… woo hoo!

I used a feature in the RunDouble app today just to see how I would like it…it’s a pace alarm that lets you know if you drop below whatever pace you assign. The app provides this warning when you enable the feature:


I assigned the alarm for 11:00 pace and it beeped at me almost the entire time! LOL!! …but it made me run a little faster to see if I could get it to stop and it did stop a couple of times. I’m not sure I’ll continue to use the alarm but at least now I know what to expect.

Here are the stats for today’s workout – I took a few extra walk breaks during run segments 4, 5 & 6 but it doesn’t appear to have hurt my overall pace…yippee!


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