Gift and gift bag

Tomorrow night is our neighborhood Ladies Holiday party. Everyone brings a dish and/or wine to share and a mystery gift valued at $15.

I’m making a waist-line friendly appetizer which is quite festive in green & red: Cucumber Tomato Bites


In years past I’ve struggled to find an appropriate gift but not this year – not only did I know what I was gifting I also made a fabric gift bag for it as well…wheeeee!

You may recall I mentioned how much I love the ‘iRing’ I got for my phone and QVC was having a special so I bought a few extra:


And as luck would have it Vanessa, the “Crafty Gemini” just posted a tutorial on how to make a fabric gift bag…so of course I jumped all over it!

And here’s my completed bag…It’s so CUTE!!!!!! I didn’t piece the outside like she did, I used the same fabric inside & out.



That’s about all for now…G’night!!

2 thoughts on “Gift and gift bag

  1. The bag is fabulous! And I love the thought of that iRing. As a matter of fact, I was out for a run the other day and was thinking how handy it would be to carry my phone like that as opposed to wearing a running belt all the time!

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    1. Yep, that’s exactly what I do…and I’m still able to use the iring with gloves on so my fingers don’t get too cold! I love it!! I used to wear a pouch when I run but I really like the feeling of running without one – just don’t know what I’m going to do about having water with me when I start running longer distances. Guess I’ll figure that out when I get there đŸ˜‰

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