Week 4 Day 2

I got my run in yesterday before the Ladies Holiday party but didn’t get a chance to post my stats.

It was a little colder yesterday, upper 40’s and overcast, but I was prepared. I pulled out my Nike running pants – I had forgotten how warm they are, yay! I wore a sweatshirt over a long sleeve t-shirt, I had my gloves and I wore two headbands to make sure my ears wouldn’t get cold.

I was perfectly comfortable the whole time but had to peel out of all that as soon as I got in the house, lol.

My plan for the run was to take it easy, I would just run at whatever pace felt comfortable. As usually happens, I started out a little too fast and began running out of steam in the last couple of run segments but I fought through it.

When I got home and looked at the numbers I realized I pretty much matched my overall pace from the last run – what? This was supposed to be an ‘easy’ run…ha!


Week 4 Day 3 is on the schedule for tomorrow…it should be a little warmer with sunshine!

G’night 🙂

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