Hard run, fun sewing

I’m a couple days removed from my run on Saturday so hopefully I can write about it objectively. It was a hard run 😦

Instead of doing the Week 4, Day 3 run I decided I would do intervals and go 5K. I programmed the RunDouble app to prompt me for 3 min run, 90 sec walk intervals (same as W4D3 just covering more distance).

I didn’t get out for the run until after 3pm, the temp was in low 50’s with a slight breeze and it was still sunny. I wore a long sleeve shirt with a short sleeve T over it and my running pants.

After the warm-up walk, I started the first run segment and immediately had issues – seriously, I felt like I was running uphill dragging a car behind me – but I checked, there was no car back there!!! I was so upset and confused – how could I be having issues in the FIRST run segment? I finished that segment and hoped it would get better as I kept going…

It did and it didn’t…I had to take more walk breaks than usual but then I had a few run segments where I seemed to hit my rhythm…it was just a weird run all around :-s  As they say ‘even a bad run is better than no run’!

12.5.15 C25K

I’ll be heading out later today for Week 5, Day 1…let’s hope it goes a little better 😀


I spent a good portion of the weekend working on sewing projects. I made this cute sewing mat that holds all my sewing tools and it doubles as a  machine cover. I probably won’t ever use it as a cover because I use my machine almost every night, but I do like having a place for my tools so they don’t end up on the floor – or worse, lost!

I worked on the Dog Gone Cute quilt top but to my surprise I didn’t take any photos!! I finished the top and pieced the back using the leftover fabrics from the making the faces. I just need to baste, quilt and bind it. I’ll grab some shots tonight :-s

Lastly, I decided I needed a Christmas Wreath to hang on my wall so I browsed Pinterest and found a picture I liked…and proceeded to make it. I pieced the wreath using some evergreen fabric I had but it needed something else. I Googled images of bows and printed one I liked, then I transferred it to Heat-n-Bond and made a red bow with ribbons which I appliqued to the top…I also made some berries to add interest.

Wreath 12.7.15

This one also just needs to be basted, quilted and bound. Hopefully I can get that done tonight so I can put it up on the wall; I guess I’ll also need to add a hanging sleeve to the back.

That’s about all for now…have a great day!


One thought on “Hard run, fun sewing

  1. My you have been busy! Love the machine cover/tool holder. I do cover my machine each night. It keeps the dust off and makes my sewing area look neater. Keep on chugging!!

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