Week 5, Day 1

Since I’m trying to stay on track with the Zero to 10K program – today was W5D1. The running segments increase to 5 min and the walk segments are 2 min…sounds doable!

Before I get into today’s run I want to tell you one more thing about Saturday’s run that I forgot…I had a major “iRing” failure! I’ve been going on and on about how I love the ring I got for the back of my phone and how handy it is to hold the phone when I’m running.


Well, it clearly wasn’t meant for holding onto the phone while running…especially while wearing gloves. It wasn’t super cold on Sat but it was just chilly enough when I started that I didn’t want to deal with cold fingers so I put on my thin knit gloves. About half way through the run, I’m chugging along when suddenly my phone dropped!!! I still had the ring on my finger but the phone was on the ground – ugh! Thankfully it didn’t get run over – ha! I picked it up and it appeared to be fine – I checked the screen and buttons – no damage – whew! And the app was still running along with my music. I stuck the ring to the back of the phone again but this time I didn’t use it to hold the phone, I just kept it squeezed in my hand.

Once I got home I gave the phone a good check and I noticed the trim was dented at the bottom – right near where I plug in the charger – but it’s been fine ever since so looks like I got lucky!! The iRing hasn’t come off again but I’ve been pretty careful not to put too much pressure on it.

I told you all that to explain that I wore my running pouch today to hold my phone! So now on to the actual workout…

The weather here today is beautiful – low 60’s, sunny, slight breeze – so I only wore a t-shirt and capris (and my pouch). I also broke out my new pair of Mizuno Wave Rider 18 (not sure if worn out shoes was my problem on Sat)!

After the warmup I started the first 5 min run segment and I was feeling pretty good, that is until I hit the big hill…that slowed me down a bit, but I finished the whole run segment without walking…yay! I also finished run segment 2 without walking but I can’t say that for segments 3 & 4. I’m still happy with my average pace.

12.8.15 c25k

I wore my Garmin today to use as comparison to make sure the app was calculating distance and time correctly…it’s almost exactly the same!!

12.8.15 garmin


Hopefully I’ll have finished pictures of the Christmas wreath later tonight… ttfn


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