Wreath & Run

Yay!! I finished my Christmas Wreath wall hanging and put it up last night. I quilted it using a couple different designs – on the wreath I pretty much just followed the fabric outline; in the center I did my usual swirl-loopy thing and on the corners I wanted to make a sort-of star. Not sure I got the desired effect but I like it.

IMG_2890 No, the yard stick is not permanent, LOL!! I just didn’t have anything else at that moment to use for hanging it 😉


Here’s a close up of the center:


And here’s one corner:


I also worked on quilting my Dog Gone Cute quilt last night. I used organic wavy lines just like the original designer of this pattern. It just needs a little trimming & binding.


20151210_223231 Back:



Week 5, Day 2

Our weather has been really, really nice for the past week – low 60’s – so no excuse not to get out for a run. Continuing on with the Zero to 10K program I completed W5D2 yesterday.

Not too much to say about this run, it wasn’t hard, it wasn’t easy, it just was. Although, I’m not sure I’ll go beyond 5 min run segments – that seems to be my limit – this means I’ll need to alter this program as I continue because the run segments continue to grow.

12.10.15 c25k




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