Dog Gone Cute & more

I finished up the Dog Gone Cute quilt last night…those doggie faces are just too stinkin’ cute!!!

4pic finished I posted it on my FB page yesterday offering this “litter” up to a good home for only $30, and by morning I had a taker! Yay! I love knowing my quilts are going to be used & loved 😀


Week 5, Day 3

Instead of following the W5D3 workout, I planned to do a longer 4 mile run alternating 5 min run and 2 min walk. I had no idea it was going to be so warm today – by the time I got out the door at 10:30 am it was already in the low 60’s with 100% humidity!! What the…?

I did pretty good for the first 3 run segments but I just couldn’t get my breathing to fall into rhythm. From the 4th run segment on I changed the interval to run 2 min, walk 1, run 2. I started getting overheated near the end so I was really happy to be done!

12.12.15 c25k

12.12.15 Garmin


I played around in the sewing room this afternoon and made this pinwheel pillow sham for the living room…I seem to have a ‘thing’ for dogs lately! Now I just need to make 4 more for the rest of the pillows!

Christmas Dogs pinwheel pillow sham

That’s about all for now…

3 thoughts on “Dog Gone Cute & more

  1. I would have had a tough time letting that doggie quilt go – it was super cute! Did you use a pattern you can share the name/designer?


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