Week 6, Day 1 – new gadget

This is my birthday week so I asked for (translated: bought myself) a new tech gadget to help with my overall fitness.

I joined Weight Watchers at the beginning of November and I’ve lost a few pounds but it’s been v-e-r-y slow, so I figured I needed to move more. I checked out the plethora (ha! never get to use that word!) of fitness bands and based on a few key features I decided on the Garmin Vivofit 2.

  1. I like that it’s not a rechargeable battery – it takes a watch battery that runs until it dies and then you replace it. Yay, one less thing to remember to plug in at night.
  2. Weight Watchers connects to Garmin Connect and automatically updates my activity. Yay, one less thing I have to do manually.

This little band has really opened my eyes to just how much I’ve been sitting – wow! It makes a chime and shows a red bar when you haven’t moved in 1 hour and keeps chiming every 15 mins until you do. I wore it for the first whole day on Monday and it chimed at me 3 times before lunch! Each time I would get out of my chair, march in place for about 3 minutes, which made it happy and then it reset.

This band will also monitor how restful your sleep is based on movement which means I had to wear it to bed (by the way, this thing is meant to be worn 24/7 – shower and all!). I had a hard time the first night because I’m not used to wearing anything when I sleep – nope, nothing! Here’s what last nights’ sleep graph looks like:

sleep 12.14.15

You put the band in SLEEP mode when you get in bed; the pink bars show awake time, the blue are light sleep and the dark is restful sleep. I think I have some issues – LOL! I’ll wait until I get a little more data built up before drawing any conclusions 😉

Today was my first run with this band – it was easy enough to start and stop the work out and was pretty accurate when compared to the C25K app on my phone. The only downside is it doesn’t record Splits, just average pace and total time – not sure how I feel about that yet 😦


run 12.15.15


c25k 12.15.15

That’s about all for now…gonna go watch Jordan Smith win The Voice!


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