Week 6 Day 3

I’m a little behind in finishing Week 6 – I should’ve run Day 3 on Saturday but it was cold and I just didn’t feel like it. I had planned to run yesterday afternoon but that was smack in the middle of watching football…so…I finished it up today.

I had 999 excuses not to go but I fought them off and got out the door. I knew afterward I’d be happy I went and I hung on to that thought – more like clung to it with all my might and kept repeating it over and over! Ha, whatever works, right?

The weather was decent, low 50’s and overcast. I wore capris, a tank top and a thin sweatshirt. I started out wearing gloves but knew I’d take them off once I warmed up. I followed the same familiar route around the neighborhood so I had a good idea when I’d hit the halfway mark. I tried to lose myself in thought during the run segments so I wouldn’t focus so much on each step or minute – it worked pretty good for the first couple segments but as I got tired the only thing I focused on was how much longer I had to go.

The first 3 run segments look pretty good – I can tell I started puttering out in the last two segments. Still, overall my time is about the same or a couple seconds better than my last workout – I’ll take it!!!

12.21.15 vivo

12.21.15 c25k

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