Battling humidity

I usually complain about humidity all summer long…never thought I’d be complaining about it in December but here I go:

Ugh, I can’t believe how humid it’s been these last few days – we’re in some tropical jet stream here in the Carolinas and although I’m loving the warmer temps I’m not loving the humidity that’s come with them.

Staying with the Zero to 10K program I needed to get in Week 7 which calls for 4 x 8 min run-2 min walk segments. Since my comfortable run segment time seems to be limited to 5 mins, I altered Week 7 to be 6 x 5 min run-2 min walk with an extra 2 min run at the end.

I got out there on Christmas Eve in the early afternoon and boy was it rough – it felt like I was running under water!! I didn’t look at the humidity percentage but I’m sure it was near 100 between the rain/thunderstorms. I found a break in the rain and was able to fit in my workout with only a few showers…near the end I was praying for a down pour but of course that doesn’t happen when you really want it to.

My average pace suffered a bit with the humidity and I found I was pretty much drained by the end of the workout – but I got it done and that’s what really counts.

12.24.15 c25k12.24.15 garmin

We went over one of my running buddy’s house after Christmas Eve services and I had a few drinks and appetizers. Service was at 6 and unfortunately we didn’t plan well so we didn’t have any dinner that night…I guess that helps offset the calories I ate and drank at her house, LOL.


Week 7, Day 2

I decided to get out this morning for my run hoping it wouldn’t be so uncomfortable but at 9:30 am it was still pretty darn humid! I altered the program again to 6 x 5 min run/2 min walk and I got through it much better today 🙂

12.26.15 weather

12.26.15 rd12.26.15 garmin

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