Week 7 Day 3

I procrastinated my run until late this afternoon and boy did I pay for it. Yes, the humidity got me again!!

I had to work today and instead of ‘stealing’ time this morning for my run I put it off until 4pm. The skies have been threatening rain all day but nothing really developed. I checked the radar before heading out and it looked like there was a good hour before anything would be close…ha!

I loaded up the modified interval that equals the total time for Week 7 Day 3 and off I went. I could tell from the first run segment it was going to be rough…I just couldn’t seem to catch my breath and get into any rhythm…grrrr!

I got through run segment three and had to start taking walk breaks after 2 mins. I was just finishing run segment 5 (of 6) when the skies decided to open up. Luckily I was only a block from home so I cut my run short instead of getting my new(ish) shoes soaking wet.

The timing is a little off between my Garmin and the app but that’s because I couldn’t get the app to shut off, so I just let it run until I was inside.

12.28.15 garmin

12.28.15 rd

According to the Weather Channel we’re supposed to finally have a seasonal cool down this weekend…

12-28-2015 8-14-39 PM

I can’t believe I’m going to say this but I can’t wait! I’d rather run in the cold instead of this humidity…Ok, that’s enough crying :-p


2 thoughts on “Week 7 Day 3

  1. I still think you’re doing great regardless, but you’ve given me food for thought for my upcoming race. I’m used to running in 100% humidity at 40 or 50 degrees, not 70. That’s a scary thought, especially as I’ve seen you struggle with it recently. Anyway, I’m glad you’re finally getting a cool down!!

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