2016 Running continues

Happy New Year everyone!

We stayed home last night and watched the ball drop in NYC from the comfort of our couch 🙂  One of our friends in the neighborhood has an annual New Year’s Day brunch which we went to today. I took a veggie platter and did my best to stay away from the cakes and candies but I went a little off course having a few mimosas.

I planned to run today but didn’t get up and out this morning so I had to do it after brunch. I was a little worried my stomach would act up but thankfully I didn’t have any issues.

Week 8, Day 1 calls for 4 repetitions of 10 min running, followed by 2 min walking but I since I haven’t run more than 5 mins at a time I knew I’d have to modify it. I opted for 5 reps of 8 min running & 2 min walking. I did pretty good on the first three run segments but had to take walk breaks in the last two…that’s ok, I’m making progress!

I almost forgot to say how wonderful it was to run without humidity again! It’s in the low 50’s today and the dew point is down around 39…woohoo!!!

1.1.16 garmin

1.1.16 rd

I plan to spend the rest of the day in my sewing room finishing up a couple of projects.

ttfn 😀

2 thoughts on “2016 Running continues

  1. Excellent running Sharon! Looks like your training plan is going well. Good to hear that the humidity wasn’t so bad either – that’s some crazy climate you’re living in!
    Happy New Year! 🙂

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