Treadmill day

For all the complaining I did about running in humidity, I just couldn’t make myself run outside today in the 35 degree (real feel 24) weather. So after lunch, off I went to Anytime Fitness to get my 3 miles done.

It’s been quite some time since I’ve used my membership and the same amount of time since I’ve run on a treadmill. I’d forgotten how hard it is to keep my mind occupied! I had my music and the app cues to run or walk but otherwise all I had was the view out the window to keep me from getting bored. About halfway through I started counting cars!! LOL

All in all it wasn’t that bad and I kept my average pace the same as if I was running outside.

The numbers are a little off between the two because I forgot to start my Vivofit until a minute into the workout…


1.5.16 vivofit2

C25K app

1.5.16 rd


I did some stippling quilting last night on the HST Sampler QAL quilt…I have some straight lines to do tonight and that part will be done. All that’s left then is binding…woot woot

1.4.16 quilting

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