Long run

As I continue with the Half Marathon training my weekend runs will get longer and longer. Today was 6 miles and as luck would have it my running buddies (who are training for a full Marathon) had 6 on their plan today too! I was so excited because we haven’t run together in months and I’ve really missed it.

Unfortunately, one of the girls has come down with a pretty nasty head cold so she didn’t run today but I picked up Laura this morning and we went to a local park to run the 1 mile lap, six times. The weather was pretty dreary, mid 40’s and overcast. The air was so moist it felt like it was raining even though it wasn’t. We did our warm up walk on one of the shorter paths and then we were off.

I set my app for 8 repetitions of 8 min run/2 min walk and started my Vivofit right on time. After the first two run segments I changed to 3 min run/2 min walk/3 min run and continued that until the end. I had my Salted Caramel Gu at 45 mins which gave me a little lift but that last mile was still pretty hard.

My overall pace dropped a little which is unfortunate but hopefully I can get back on track during the week.

1.9.16 rd1.9.16 vivofit

The distance is off again between the two devices but I think I’ve figured out what I need to do. There’s a User setting on the Vivofit2 that will allow me to customize the step length for walking or running. The step count is fine when walking so I’ll have to follow the directions and customize it for running – hopefully that will fix it.

1.9.16 setting

After lunch I took a short nap and I’ve been pretty much reclined on the couch watching football for the rest of the day/night. I hope to get some sewing done tomorrow…ttfn and G’night 😀

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