Label finish

I spent a little while on Pinterest today trying to figure out what kind of label I wanted to put on my HST Sampler quilt and finally decided to go with this one.

I used Microsoft Word to create the layout for my label and choose my font. I wanted to commemorate the QAL so I didn’t give my quilt a name like I have in past; rather I put down the name of the QAL and who led it.

I used a leftover 10″ block from the Micheal Miller Happy Dots layer cake, it was the lightest color I had but I feared it was still too saturated to print on so I flipped it over and used the ‘wrong side’ instead. After printing, I trimmed down the label then bordered it with leftover binding fabric and used more of that fabric for the backing on the label. [One footnote for next time: use Bold font for all characters so it’s easier to read]

Once the label was completed, I hand-stitched it to the back of my quilt…my hand-stitching still leaves a lot to be desired but I don’t think the label is going anywhere, LOL!


If you look really closely at the binding you can see I used a decorative stitch – it’s loopy circles which I hoped would play nice with all the dots on the back & the front.IMG_2946

I’m going to keep this on my bed for the next couple of days, until I decide if it’s a keeper or going up for sale. Now that this is completely done, I can confidently move on to my next project…yippee!

ttfn and…G’night!

2 thoughts on “Label finish

  1. Clever idea to use the reverse of the fabric, I must remember that! I’ve just worked out how to print on fabric on my new printer, so I think I’ll have to design myself some labels now πŸ™‚ Your quilt looks lovely, that backing fabric is very cheerful! And the loopy circle stitch for the binding is perfect πŸ™‚

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