HM Week 5, Day 2

So, you may notice that I didn’t post anything for Week 5, Day 1…well…that’s cuz I didn’t run earlier this week. No specific reason – I just didn’t feel like it.

It’s ok to skip a run now & then…or, I should say it’s ok for me! As long as I get right back to the plan then no harm is done. That’s what I did today… I picked up where I should be and completed 3 miles today. And wouldn’t you know it, I felt better running today and my average pace improved a little too! Win/Win!

The weather was much more desirable today too…upper 50’s, lots of sunshine…who wouldn’t want to run!!

I still haven’t customized my running stride on my Vivofit2…I keep forgetting about it until I’m ready to go for a run, ugh. Oh well, maybe I’ll fix it this weekend, in the mean time I’ll just use the C25K app as my guide.

I’m quite encouraged that my last run segment was faster than my first…what???

1.14.16 rd


1.14.16 vivofit

ttfn and…G’night.

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