Long run Saturday

Half Marathon training Week 5 long run is 7 miles…after just making it 6 miles last weekend I wasn’t really looking forward to going further today. But I decided to meet up with my running buddies which helped me get out of bed and get going. They had over 20 miles on their Marathon plan (can I just say I’m so happy I didn’t give in to peer pressure and agree to join them!).

They started about an hour before me so when I got to the park they were in full swing. The park has a 1 mile loop so it’s pretty easy to keep track of how far you’ve gone (and still have to go). The weather was a little cool & breezy this morning in the mid 40’s but at least the sun was shining!

I set my app for 10 reps of 8 min run/2 min walk (my usual). I had made two laps by the time my buddies decided to hit the road for some different scenery. That left it up to me to finish 5 more miles…and I did – hey, once I’m already out there it’s pretty easy to just keep going!

I ran the first two 8 min segments but changed to 3/2/3 for the rest. I was nearing the 7 mile mark when my app said it was time for the cool down walk – what?! I checked the app and realized that I had mistakenly changed the Cool Down period to 10 mins instead of changing the number of repetitions to 10 – ugh…I hate when I do that! So the app stopped counting my run after 9 reps…I kept running into the cool down period until I was sure I finished 7 miles.

My pace is a little slower than usual but that’s ok…it’s a long run, it’s supposed to be slower – right?

1.16.16 rd

I still haven’t customized my Vivofit2 for my running stride so of course the distance is still off…no, I did not run that extra 1/2 mile!1.16.16 vivofit

I’ve had my shower & my lunch…now it’s off to nap time so I can be wide awake for the New England/Kansas City game…GO PATRIOTS!!!

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