Treadmill day

It was just too cold for me to run outside yesterday so off I went to Anytime Fitness to get in my run. My job affords me the opportunity to break in the middle of the day so I usually don’t have any issues getting a treadmill.

I programmed my app to give me cues to run 8 min, walk 2 min but once I got started I kind of went with whatever felt good. I set the run speed at 5.2 and walk at 3.9. Once I hit the 3 mile mark I wanted to be sure I would finish 4 miles within the 50 mins I had programmed in the app so I had to speed up the last couple of run segments to 5.4…wow, I could feel the difference! But I finished 4 miles in the time I had allotted so I’m happy 😀

I started my Vivofit at the beginning of the workout but totally forgot to stop it when I got off the treadmill – duh! – so I had to manually adjust it. According to the treadmill display I hit 4 miles with 12 seconds to spare…sounds good to me!

C25K app

1.19.16 rd treadmill


Vivofit (adjusted)

1.19.16 vivofit

Thursday is my next planned run and it’s going to be about the same temperature…AF, here I come!


I started a new quilt last night, it’s called Sunny Skies and I found it in Block magazine published by Missouri Quilt Co in their Holiday 2015 edition.

I pulled out all my scrap fabrics in yellow and blue colorways and began making 4-patches. Once I’m done with those I’ll have to get some solid fabric to make the chevrons in the background. I’m not sure how big the quilt will be – I guess it will depend on how many 4-patches I can make.


2 thoughts on “Treadmill day

  1. She says in the video that the quilt is easy, it’s all in the layout. That layout doesn’t look easy to me!! But the quilt sure is pretty! Nice job on the treadmill! I can’t maintain 5.0 for very long at all, and I think I’d fly off at 5.2!! 🙂

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