Staying on track

So… they’re predicting doom & gloom for our weather over the next couple of days and I knew my only opportunity to run outside would be this afternoon. My training plan called for 4 miles but I really wasn’t feeling it – at.all.

I reasoned with myself that I should at least try to get in a couple of miles that way I wouldn’t feel so bad about being stuck indoors for the next few days. I finally changed clothes and got outside around 3:30. The temp was in the low 40’s but there was plenty of sunshine.

Once I got started, I knew I would do the whole 4 miles Рwhy would I stop when I was already out there (oh, the mind games we play!) I had set my app to repeat the running intervals from Tuesday and when I got to 3.8 miles I wanted to beat my time so I picked up the pace and ran the final 2 min walk segment.

Woohoo…I beat my treadmill time – WOW!

C25K app

1.21.16 rd

Although I still haven’t customized my running stride, my Vivofit actually ‘understated’ my distance this time…ok – this is getting weird.


1.21.16 vivofit2

Either way it was a great run and I’m uber happy that I did it…now Mother Nature can bring on the ice & snow – well actually, I’d be happier if she didn’t but she’s not asking my opinion!!


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