Back to the Plan

This weekend the South got a little bad weather in the form of freezing rain, sleet and snow. Our area got about 3 inches which basically shut everything down for a day or so until the temps recovered enough to melt most of it.

Of course this ruined plans for my 8 mile long run on Saturday and although the temps were in the upper 40s on Sunday a lot of my neighborhood streets were still a bit dicey – yes, I could’ve gone to Anytime Fitness and hopped on the treadmill but the thought of doing 8 miles made my stomach turn – long story short: no long run.

The plan this week calls for two, 4 mile runs and 9 miles this weekend; so I got out there today and I did a little extra – 5 miles!! And it didn’t hurt that temps were in the upper 50s – woohoo! I put on a tank top with a long sleeve shirt and wore my long pants. I started out with a jacket over all of that and was fine until 3 miles; then the jacket came off until I was finished.

I decided to change my intervals a little – I had been programming intervals as 8 min run, 2 min walk but most of the time I break up the 8 mins into 3 min run, 2 min walk, 3 min run so I just reprogrammed the whole run as 3 min run, 2 min walk. I was interested to see what this would do to my overall pace and time…I was pleasantly surprised!

Oh, and I finally got around to customizing my VivoFit2 for my running steps and it looks like it’s much more accurate now! Yay!

1.26.16 vivofit2

1.26.16 rd

Most of the run segments I was able to keep below 11:30 pace and even some in the 10’s…I did take an extended walk break in segment 10 but it doesn’t seem to have hurt my overall pace. Hmmm, I think I may try 3 min run, 1.5 min walk next time and see what happens.


I did use the time this weekend to work on some sewing projects, I’ll post pictures of all that tomorrow…

ttfn…G’night 😀



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