Running buddies are the best!

I was procrastinating something awful today…I just didn’t want to get out the door for my planned run. It was cold (mid 40s) and overcast, the kind of day you want to curl up with a blanket, hot chocolate and good book.

As luck would have it, my running buddy Kitty texted me about my plans for the weekend long run and I told her I was having a hard time getting going today. She said I could either go out for my 4 mile run or join her later for hill repeats…HILL REPEATS!!?? Oh hell no!! That was all the motivation I needed to get changed and get out the door! LOL!

As I mentioned after Tuesday’s run, I changed the intervals on my app to 3 min run, 1.5 min walk segments and it really worked out pretty well. I was worried 1.5 min might not be enough time to recover/rest but it was fine.

I had on long pants layered with a pair of shorts, a tank, long sleeve shirt and a running jacket. I also wore gloves and a fleece headband. It was just a little chilly at the beginning but after the first mile I was quite comfortable; the gloves came off around mile 2.

I set the app for 12 repeats which was a little more than I needed for 4 miles but I wanted to make sure it didn’t turn off before I was done. To my surprise, I hit four miles with a few minutes to spare!! Woah! Yippee!!

I think I did something wrong when I customized my running steps/stride for my Vivofit2 because the calculation today was waaaay off from the C25K app. When I got back I even double checked the distance using MapMyRun to measure the route I followed. The C25K app was correct. I’m going to have to pull out the Vivofit2 manual and figure out what I did wrong :p

C25K app

1.28.16 rd


3 thoughts on “Running buddies are the best!

  1. Great job! It is just so hard to get motivated to exercise when it’s cold–I’ve really been struggling with it. Need to trade in my cats for a really energetic dog, I guess. 😉

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