Woohoo, one down

I hunkered down and finished the QAYG pillow cover this morning…(ahem, when I should’ve been out doing my long run).

I had recorded the Women’s Final for the Australian Open (cuz it was on here at 3am) and decided I’d watch that and let the temps warm up a little bit – I plan to do my 9 miles after lunch.

If you haven’t seen the outcome of the Women’s Final yet…***spoiler alert***…don’t read any further.




Unfortunately, Serena did not win…she looked shaky from the start – I had a bad feeling when she couldn’t even bounce the ball before her first serve…oh well, there’s always the next one Serena!

Now back to the pillow cover – I started this last weekend during bad weather and put the binding on it this morning. I followed Maureen Cracknell’s Crafsty class for Quilt As You Go and I really, really like this method. I’ll be using it again for sure – hopefully to make a bed size quilt for my niece.


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