Saturday long run

After I watched the Australian Open Women’s Final yesterday morning (DVR) I went out in the afternoon for my long run. I’m just about 4 weeks away from the Half Marathon so the long runs are getting really long :p  The plan called for 9 miles so I mapped out a route starting from my house that would take me 4.5 miles away…at that point I had no choice but to finish so I could get back home 😉

I changed the intervals on my app back to 3 min run/2 min walk; I figured I would need the extra recovery time as the miles added up. The temps warmed up nicely to the low 50s with a mild breeze; I wore capris, a long sleeve tech shirt and short sleeve tech shirt. I also wore my running jacket because the weather folks said the winds were going to pick up.

As I started the first run segment I was feeling pretty sluggish – I thought I was dragging that car behind me again! I wasn’t able to shake that feeling until I got a good mile in – ugh! But finally I fell into a rhythm and the next few miles seemed to pass without much notice. As I hit the 4 mile mark I ate my Salted Caramel GU and very shortly after that I knew I was going to need to find a bathroom. Luckily the halfway mark was at a local restaurant we frequent so I didn’t feel bad at all taking advantage of their facilities.

As I started back toward home I could feel the second toe on my left foot start to hurt, I’ve had that feeling before and it usually means my toenail was not going to have a good day. I stopped to re-tie my shoes hoping that would help but as I continued on I could tell it was too little, too late. I soldiered on, taking a few extra walk breaks, but I was not going to be defeated! I had several thoughts of calling hubby to come get me around mile 7 – I just kept debating with myself and next thing I knew I was at mile 8. Well, there was no stopping now!!

Bottom line – my legs and lungs held up pretty good, it was my damn toe that almost did me in! LOL  I’m not 100% sure what caused it but I think it may have been my socks. They’re the same brand I’ve been wearing but I just bought a brand new pack and I wore them without washing first. Don’t know if that was it but that’s the only difference I can think of so I’ll be sure to wash all those new socks before my next long run 😉

Since I had that potty break about half way I had to stop my Vivofit2 and restart it when I got going again so I’ve got two entries that don’t quite match up with the C25K app…but you get the gist.


1.30.16 vivofit2

C25K app

1.30.16 rd

ttfn…and G’night

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