A new project…

As if I don’t have enough projects ‘in flight’ I started another one this week. A friend lost her husband almost 2 years ago and she asked me if I would take some of her favorite shirts of his and make a quilt. I was deeply honored that she would ask me to do it so of course I said Yes.

My friend stopped by this weekend with an arm load of shirts and told me to use all or part. We had talked briefly a few weeks ago and all I could get out of her is that she didn’t want the shirts to still look like shirts in the final product. I started asking her a few more questions about she wanted and she said “I’ll leave it all up to you. You do great work & I trust you”…Wow, no pressure!!

I spent quite a few hours scanning projects on Pinterest getting ideas and I finally landed on making a version of The Wall made by Melissa Corry. I just happened to buy some solid fabrics last week at Hobby Lobby and one of those is a tan/khaki color which will make the perfect sashing color with all the plaids.

I’ve already deconstructed 10 shirts and cut the fronts & sleeves into 5″x10″ bricks and a few 5″ squares. Some of the shirts have produced as many as 14 bricks but the average is closer to 10.  I have 3 more shirts to go, then I’ll start laying it all out. If I use all the ‘bricks’ this is going to be a pretty big quilt!!

I’m not sure the best way to layout the bricks – I want to spread out the colors and saturation so I took a picture of what I have and put a gray scale effect on it to help with the decision.

2.3.16 color

2.3.16 B&W

I still have the back of each shirt which is not cut up…if I don’t need that fabric for the top I’m thinking about piecing those together to make the backing, although I’m not 100% sold on that idea.

After 3 nights of cutting I’m really itching to sew something but I’m just too tired so that will have to wait for tomorrow.

ttfn…and G’night 🙂

3 thoughts on “A new project…

  1. I love, love, love the idea, and now I’m kicking myself for not offering to do the same for a friend who lost her husband to cancer a few years ago. I’m betting she’s already gotten rid of his shirts. Dang! I will keep this in mind for the next situation that comes along. What an honor for you!

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