Superbowl Sunday

Let me just start by saying “I LOVE FOOTBALL”! I have ever since I was a kid, my family would always gather around the TV on Sundays to watch as many games as were televised (there was no NFL package waaaay back then, lol). So, needless to say I’ll be watching the Superbowl today for sure 😉  Although I live in the Carolinas I won’t necessarily be cheering for the Panthers – I’ll really just be cheering for a competitive game. Blow-outs are so boring…yawn.

I started my day off with the Super bowl 4 miler race – I finally got to run with my buddies again!! Yay!! We met at our local church and carpooled into Charlotte. The race started & ended at Panther’s stadium which was kind of cool and as you might imagine there were a lot of people wearing Panther’s jerseys and colors. I was all layered up because the temp at the start of the race was only 36 degrees…brrrr! The last layer was my New England Patriots Tom Brady jersey and I also wore my Washington Redskins fleece headband – a little conflicted but warm.

I had not been out for a run all week due to my toe/toenail issue. I really could’ve run on Thurs, Fri or Sat but opted to just wait for today. Good news, no toe issues today – yay!

After we parked and headed to get our swag I realized I had forgotten my ear buds – geez, you’d think I wouldn’t forget stuff after all the running I’ve done :-s  We picked up our bibs and they gave us nice long sleeve shirts and a pint glass with the Super bowl race logo (similar to what we got last year).

Long story short, I felt great throughout the run and when I crossed the finish line I realized I beat my time from last year by almost a whole minute…woohoo! My training IS paying off!!

I stopped my Vivofit2 right after the finish line but completely forgot to shut off my phone app (probably because I didn’t have my earbuds) so it ran on for another hour or so, lol! Looking at my run segment times I can’t believe I had a few in the 9’s & 10’s…what!?!

2.7.16 rd

2.7.16 vivo

A first for this year, we got medals – yay! BLING! And the post-race area was filled with booths of food and beer – yay! BEER!


I came home, showered and then went to lunch. Afterwards I went to the grocery store and then laid down for a 40 min power nap. Now, I’m ready for some football!!!!


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