Memory Quilt progress

I was able to get to Hobby Lobby on Friday night to pick up the fabric I needed to start piecing the bricks together for the memory quilt. I usually don’t wash my fabric until after the quilt is completed but in this case I made an exception – for a couple of reasons. First, since the shirts were already worn & washed many times they won’t shrink like normal quilting cotton. Second, since I’m using burgundy for the background I was afraid it would bleed if I didn’t wash it in advance.

Once I got home from the store I did a quick zigzag stitch on the raw edges and threw all four yards in the wash with a color catcher. I used a delicate cycle and the shortest time setting on my machine. When it was done I pulled out the color catcher and it was red…yay for washing in advance! I dried it for about 30 mins and it was ready for cutting.

I’ve worked on & off over the last two days and have gotten 5 rows pieced. I can’t share this on any other social media because the recipient follows me and she doesn’t want to see the quilt until its finished.

I’ve got 5 rows pieced – I’ll be adding sashing in between each row but I’ll wait until I have all 18 rows done to do that. This thing is so wide it won’t all fit on my ‘design wall’ – at some point I’ll have to move to the floor…ugh.

2.14.16 from phone

We’re expecting more foul weather later tonight into tomorrow…ice & freezing rain…lovely. The saving grace is the 5 day forecast is calling for temps in the 60’s on Tuesday – yay!

ttfn and…G’night!

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