Whirlwind traveling

This past week our second grandchild turned 2 years old; his mama planned the party for Saturday so we drove up Thursday to combine the trip with visiting with a few other friends as well. We live in SC and they’re in MD and we have a dog that travels with us…total travel time is about 8 hours – ugh – at least there was no rain or snow this time!

We pulled out around 6am and planned to stop about every 2 hours to let the fur baby out to stretch her legs…here’s one of my most favorite pictures of Sammi:


She does pretty good riding in the car but for the first 30 minutes she must be in my lap after that she’ll lay down in the back seat but she won’t sleep – it’s the strangest thing.

The drive up was pretty uneventful, no bad traffic delays even though we hit a few spots of road construction. We arrived at the hotel around 2pm…long day…once we were settled we all laid down for a nap {{{yawn}}}

We visited with friends Thursday & Friday and on Saturday attended the birthday party which was held at a family play center in Waldorf. It was a kid’s fantasy play land – lots of things to climb on and through and some really cool slides. They schedule everything out beginning with play time then a break in a private room where they serve food and cake and then back to more play time. All the kids had a blast and I’m sure they slept ‘like babies’ that night.

Since we wouldn’t have an opportunity to spend any additional time with the grand kids (they had other family obligations) we decided to hit the road after the party and come home. We left around 7:30pm and drove straight through with only one potty break – whew! we were beat when we got home around 2:30am. Sammi did sleep most of the way but she’ll only do that when we travel at night.


I couldn’t wait to get back to my sewing room today – I was watching everyone else post their updates for The Splendid Sampler while I was in Md and I was chomping at the bit to get caught up on the blocks. I worked on Block 4 “Happy Happy” this morning. I appliqued all the pieces but I’m not doing the embroidery because I don’t have any floss and I really don’t want to invest in any since I don’t plan to do any embroidery work outside of this Sampler. I used a decorative stitch on the applique called “Antique Quilt”, I think it adds another element of ‘happy’ to the block 😀

Block 4 phone

Once I’m finished with this post I’ll start on Block 5 – I think that one will be relatively easy as there aren’t any really tiny pieces…yee haw!




6 thoughts on “Whirlwind traveling

    1. Hey Paula, I ‘think’ I’m ready…I had a PB at the 10 miler race last weekend but I also had Kitty running with me which helped tremendously! I was supposed to run twice while we were away but only ran once for 3 miles. According to my plan I’ll run 2 miles on Tues and then nothing till the HM :-s

      How are you feeling about your race?

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