Get moving

After yesterday’s rant (more like pity party) about my lack of running I went out after work today and got moving. It was a particularly stressful day and I could tell I really needed to get rid of that burden so I started out pretty fast, hoping to chase out that bad juju 😉

I took a bit of a different route around the neighborhood – I usually avoid the streets with steep hills but today I purposely went in that direction… Go big or go home?

I’m happy to say that I did it…and not only did I RUN the big hills, I completed 3 miles in record time (for me)! Wow, it’s amazing how bad juju can push you to new levels; not sure I can do this every time but then again that’s not my goal.

I followed my usual intervals of 3 min run/1.5 min walk and still hit an average pace of less than 12 min/mile…yes, I was quite surprised!

Now if this can just lead to some consistency in how often I run, I will be extremely happy 😀

3.22.16 rd

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