Posting directly from the app

I completed Intervals 8 x (3 min, 1.5 min) (2.69 miles), in 33:03, pace 12:17 min/mile, with @RunDouble


I noticed today that I could upload to WordPress directly from the C25K app so I tried it. What you see above is all it shows…that’s OK but I like to see more detail without having to click another link so I’ll just keep posting my run detail manually.

I wanted to get out for a short run today but still wanted it to be challenging so I ran the ‘hilly’ route again…but this time I did two loops of the hills! What was I thinking!!?? Clearly I need to do this more often to strengthen my legs cuz they just about quit on the last hill – quite literally! I had to walk the last half of segment 6, my legs just couldn’t run uphill anymore!! But somehow they recovered nicely in segment 7 🙂

I think I’ll keep running this route at least one a week until I can conquer those hills.

3-29-2016 4-40-14 PM

I’ll be sewing again tonight and will share more tomorrow…ttfn!

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