Hobby Lobby haul


Made it to Hobby Lobby tonight and had to check out the clearance bin. The four fabrics in front were all on clearance so I got a yard of each… except for the green froggy flannel, I got two yards of that one. No particular plans for any of these just really liked the prints so I figured I build my stash.

The burgundy fabric on top is to finish the backing on the memory quilt; the green and black starburst fabric is just for fun!

They also had all of the Coats & Clark quilting thread on sale, they’re clearing those out to make room for their own brand of thread… so of course I gobbled up shades of yellow, neutral and white, I can always use that.

I’ve got the burgundy material washing now so I can cut it up and start working with it tomorrow. I don’t usually pre-wash my fabric but the shirts used in the memory quilt are already pre-washed so need to make sure the new material is as well.

I have more fabric arriving tomorrow, a few Fat Quarter bundles I couldn’t resist from the fatquartershop.com and some other fabric that was on sale from Missouri Star Quilt Company…squeeee, I love getting fabric in the mail!!

That’s about all for now…

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