A quick note

I know I just posted earlier today but I wanted to share a couple things…

I was outside earlier today with my fur baby and noticed our purple azaleas had really exploded with blooms and then I looked a little closer and saw a pop of deep pink blooms on the inside…I’ve never noticed that before!


And speaking of my fur baby, this is the best shot I could get…she hates having her picture taken!


For reasons I’ll explain in a minute, I got focused this evening and finished piecing the top for my Hands2Help charity quilt; all that’s left to do is square it up.  Now I’ll have a few days to contemplate what I’m going to do for backing.


Lastly, I’ll be on a little sewing hiatus for the next 5 days…for a couple of reasons. First, my Pfaff is going in for service tomorrow and it won’t be ready until Thursday – but – we’re going out of town on Thurs for the weekend. Hubby is taking his new corvette to a car show in Charleston and I’ll be tagging along. The weather looks promising so we should have a good time.

I snapped this impromptu shot in the driveway this evening


ttfn and … G’night 😀




6 thoughts on “A quick note

  1. Love this little update! Beautiful everything here… the flowers, the fur baby, the quilt, the car (I’ll bet your husband gets annoyed when people refer to it as just a car, doesn’t he, lol). It sounds like a great time this weekend! Enjoy yourself!!

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