A quilty finish

I started this quilt back in January when we had bad weather and I was ‘stuck’ indoors all weekend, I’m calling it Low Tide Lagoon after the names of the charm packs I used. The top was sitting idle for a while waiting for border & backing fabric inspiration. I was browsing online last month and came across the perfect fabric for both on 5bucksayard.com (their selections change frequently so this link will not take you to the fabric I bought).

The border fabric is a light aqua with little white fish and the backing is a deep teal with a water motif (see close up below). Once the border & backing were done it sat again for a little while until I got my nerve up to quilt the ‘water drop rings’. I got the inspiration for that design from Quilty Habit and thought it would be great since this quilt has water inspired fabrics.

We were supposed to be in Charleston, SC this weekend for a car show but Wednesday my fur baby hurt her back left leg – thankfully nothing serious – but she was hobbling around favoring the leg and there was no way we could leave her with friends and go out of town. So what else does one do with a few days off work and no where to go? Oh, and as luck would have it my Pfaff was serviced and picked up Wed afternoon…woot woot!

So, yesterday I pin basted the layers and after a little planning I dove in (pun intended!). I chose to free motion the rings which gives it a bit more organic (aka amateur) feel. I haven’t washed it yet so I’m hoping the ‘not exactly round’ rings will look a little better once the fabric crinkles. Finished measurement is 43×52.

Low Tide LagoonIMG_3056



Now it’s back to the sewing room to work on a some WIPs & UFOs…hoping I can get a few more completed before the weekend is over.


2 thoughts on “A quilty finish

  1. That came out great! What kind of batting did you use in it? I used to use Warm batting, but one of the stores near me had a big sale a while back on Hobbs so I have enough to probably last me a year. Turns out I like it a lot better. Sorry to hear about the circumstances for your cancelled trip.


  2. Thank you!! I buy Hobbs Premium 80/20 batting at Hobby Lobby in the king size package. Probably not the most economical since I’ve been doing a lot of quilts lately but I’ve been able to use their 40% off coupon each time; so instead of 29.99 it’s 17.99.

    My fur baby is doing much better now (we’re wondering if she faked it just to get us to stay home!! lol)


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