Memory Quilt finish!

This post will be light on words and heavy on pictures…

THE MEMORY QUILT IS FINISHED!!! Woohoo!!! I looked back to see when I started on this and it was early Feb…so it’s taken me about 10-11 weeks to finish. Not bad for my first πŸ˜‰

I tried to get some pictures outside in natural light but didn’t have a lot of help (just DH and he wasn’t really ‘into it’).

…and here’s the reveal:

IMG_3102 v2

The “BS” on the backside are her late husband’s initials


This is big enough to fit across the top of my king size bed…in either directionIMG_3104IMG_3105IMG_3106

I did all the quilting on my domestic Pfaff…free-motion large meandering

IMG_3109 v2IMG_3110

I’m exhausted…ttfn and G’night πŸ™‚

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