Running again…

So, I looked at the calendar this morning and realized it’s been 16 days since my last run…wow, that’s sad. It’s not like I had an injury or illness – unless you can count laziness as an illness šŸ˜‰ yeah, NOT!

Knowing I have a 10k coming up this weekend I figured I better get my butt out the door for at least a short run to make sure my body still remembered how! Of course I didn’t go this morning when the temps were more agreeable…no…I wait until high noon when it’s 74 degrees! sheesh!

I had very low expectations but I turned on my app with the same intervals of 3 min run/1.5 min walk and just went with it. I had only planned to do 2 miles so I wouldn’t over do it and I took an out & back route in my neighborhood. During the warm up walk it felt really good just to be moving and stretching my muscles. After that came the first run segment, I didn’t force anything I just picked up the pace and ran at a comfortable speed. Interval 1 was a success! The next few intervals felt just as good; now, that could be because the out portion of the route was a slow, steady decline…you see where I’m going with this?

Once I hit the 1 mile mark I turned around and began the slow, steady incline back home…and boy could I feel it. Not just in my legs and lungs but the heat was getting to me too. I slowed my running pace to compensate and I finished up the 2 miles I planned but I was pretty overheated and my face was beet red – no pictures of that!!

Overall I’m pleased with my pace and distance, for now. I need to do another 2-3 miles on Thursday if I hope to complete the 10k on Saturday…either way my plan for Saturday is “just finish”!

Here’s a snap shot of the elevation for the run today…not a significant decline/incline but enough to make the return a little challenging šŸ˜‰

4.26.16 elevation


4.26.16 garmin

C25K app

4.26.16 rd



4 thoughts on “Running again…

  1. Great job! Don’t you hate the fluctuations in motivation? It seems like I’m constantly slacking, then getting back in shape after slacking, rinse and repeat. If you ever solve that problem, be sure and let the rest of us know!

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