Walk not Run

I should’ve gone for another run this morning but I did not. After lunch I decided I needed to at least go for a walk. The 84 degree temp today is above average for April and we got some lovely humidity to go along with it, so rather than try to run in that I figured a walk would be better than nothing.

I mapped out a 2 mile route over some of the big hills in my neighborhood – at least I could put in that much effort – and I still had my app set for 3 min/1.5 min intervals so I walked a little faster during the 3 min portion.

It got really hot, really fast – it was a good decision to walk and not run (although I did trot a few a times). I sure hope Saturday’s weather will be better for the 10k…at least it usually is in the morning 😉

4.28.16 RD WALK

One thought on “Walk not Run

  1. I just did pretty much the same thing today, but for different reasons. Sometimes the most important thing is to just get out and get moving.
    I hope the 10K went well on Saturday. 🙂


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