Keep on keeping on

Another small victory today…I ran again this morning – yay!

I had set an early appointment for my fur baby at the groomers so after I dropped her off I grabbed a quick bite to eat and hit the street. Before I left, I used MapMyRun to choose a route that would get me 3 miles and send me over a few hills…funny how hills don’t scare me like they used to but that doesn’t mean I like them any better!!

The temp was a cool 58 degrees, it was overcast with a bit of a breeze. I wore a short sleeve tech shirt and capris which was a little chilly at the start but felt wonderful after I warmed up. I set the app for my normal 3/1.5 interval for 9 repeats, if I kept a decent pace I should be able to get to 3 miles.

The first mile went by without much notice, near the end of mile 2 I was starting to feel kind of tired. My legs and lungs wanted to call it quits…but I talked them out of it, lol. I negotiated with them all the way to 3 miles and then realized that I could do 3.1 (5k) in less than 39 minutes so I kept going for that extra .1! (the app gave me credit for a little more but I’ll believe the Garmin since it’s only function is GPS).

I’m so happy with my pace and time…woohoo…maybe all is not lost like I was fearing.

5.3.16 garmin

5.5.16 rd


I also did a little sewing tonight…I finished the May block for Sugar Block club and I tried my hand at curved piecing for the first time.

May blockCurved piecing 1st try

That’s all for now…G’night!

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