Fabric haul and more…

I received an email notice last month that my local quilt shop owner was retiring and she was going to try to sell her shop. If she couldn’t find a buyer she would close it down. Last week she sent a follow up message to say that although three potential buyers had expressed interest they couldn’t come to an agreement so she would start the process of closing the shop by the end of May…so sad to see this happen 😦

She sent one more email the next day to announce the sales event that would start Friday May 6th: all fabric is 25% off and if you empty the bolt you get an extra 10% off. All books are also 25% off. I couldn’t get there Friday as her hours are 10-5 and I had to work…so I went today.

I had three things in mind – fabric for Backing, fabric for Binding and Books. I was pleasantly surprised to see quite a good selection of fabric still remained and the store was not over-flowing with people. I scanned the shelves for large prints that would be good for backing and quickly loaded up my arms with bolts. I was going to get 3 yards of each and I could tell some of them would be close to emptying the bolt. Then I scanned for stripes, I’ve become quite fond of using stripes for binding. There were way too many to choose from so I grabbed two that I liked best. As I was looking through the books I found some precut yards of black & white fabric…I’m such a sucker for that so I picked up a few of those too!

Here it all is…squeeee! look at all that fabric!! 😀


How about a closer look…these six are all future backings – 3 or more yards of each one and 5 of them emptied the bolt! That blue & yellow flower print is just so happy!IMG_3142

The two stripes are for future bindings, the black & white prints are the 1 yard precuts (I got two of each!) and the book ‘Splash of Color’ is one I’ve had on my wish list for months. OMG, the quilts in this book are just ‘to die for’…I can’t wait to make a few 😀

Now I just need to figure out where I’m going to put it all!!IMG_3143


Today was also a ‘run’ day but I almost didn’t go…ugh, I was just not feeling it this morning and I almost let myself off the hook about 20 times! I bargained with myself that I could splurge a little at the fabric store only IF I went for a run…yeah, that worked!!

I planned out a 3 mile route and left around 8:45am. The first mile wasn’t too bad but I started feeling pretty fatigued by mile 2 – not sure why today was so hard. I fought through it and completed 3.1 miles (close to my time from Thurs) but I was pooped! The temp was a little warmer today, mid 60’s, but that’s not bad…I don’t know, I guess it was just ‘one of those days’. It’s done and I don’t have to run again until Tues, yay.

5.7.16 garmn5.7.16 rd

I’m off to the sewing room to putz around for a little bit…ttfn and…


6 thoughts on “Fabric haul and more…

  1. I’m sorry your shop is closing. I’m lucky here — there are several shops within 50 or 60 miles. We did have a shop go down last year, and it was the closest to me, but it was not a surprise to anyone. Looks like you got a few good things today. Also yay on running!

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    1. Thanks Melanie! The shop owner made a decision to close the store so she could devote more time to making quilts and long-arming. It’s just a shame someone else couldn’t take it over. The next closest shop is about an hour away so unless I need something really badly I’ll just buy online or at Hobby Lobby & JoAnns.


  2. Well done on getting your run done! Rewarding yourself with promises of fabric sounds like a good strategy – especially as they have a sale at the moment. 😉 I love that blue and yellow flower one too!
    Hope you’re having a good weekend. 🙂

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