Hexie Flower quilt & 5 miles

Picture heavy post  😉

I finished this baby size quilt last night but waited for natural light this morning to take pictures. The hexagon shapes were all made from scraps and the 10″ squares were left over from a layer cake I used in this quilt. The froggy flannel backing was picked up on clearance a few months back, I think it plays nicely with all the fabrics on the front.



I got up early this morning to watch some French Open matches and go for a run…happy to say I did both 😀

I wanted to get 5 miles in and do some hills in preparation for my next 10k which is probably the hilliest course ever! I mapped a course around my neighborhood that incorporated two pretty big hills and I ran that route twice…WHEW…those hills are rough!

I set the c25k app for my normal intervals and gave myself a little cushion by having it repeat 16 times…that allowed me 72 mins to complete 5 miles.

The first loop went pretty well, I ran during all the run segments even on the hills – yay! The second loop was a bit tougher…I ran all the run segments except halfway up the last hill, I was getting over heated and as slow as I was running I figured I might as well just walk, LOL.

As usual, the distance is a little different between Garmin & the app…


5.28.14 garmin

C25K app

5.28.16 rd

The red line in the chart below is the altitude for the route…rough, really rough!

5.28.16 altitude

I’m pretty darn happy with my pace considering the hills, so I think I’m as ready as I’ll every be for that 10k on June 11.



2 thoughts on “Hexie Flower quilt & 5 miles

  1. That’s awesome! Running uphill is tough, and those look pretty steep too. Sounds like you’re more than ready for your 10K. 🙂

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