2 steps forward, 3 steps back

If you’ve noticed I haven’t posted this week, that’s because I haven’t run…Yup, after going 5 miles with hills last Saturday and feeling pretty smug about my pace I promptly blew off running Tues & Thurs…not smart!!

Tomorrow’s scheduled run is more hills but only 4 miles…time will tell if I actually do it šŸ˜¦


On a brighter note, I have been sewing! I started piecing together my commissioned t-shirt quilt but only after fretting about how I was going to make all those varying sized t-shirt blocks line up! Thankfully, a few members of the quilting community came to my rescue – I tried to cut down some of the blocks to sizes that could be divided by 2 or 4 asĀ Veronica (whose blog I can no longer find) suggested in response to my email message. Some had enough fabric beyond the logo to do that…others the logo was either to large or I had already cut as much as I could around the logo so the odd size would have to be worked in somehow.

On Tuesday I decided to just start sewing, I matched up the edges and if they were the same size it was great…if not I stopped about 1-2 inches from the end and left the partial seam to be matched up with another piece; I’m happy to say it appears to be working out. Sarah from Confessions of a Fabric Addict shared some of her experiences by suggesting I use some of the rest of the t-shirt parts to fill in some of the gaps…BRILLIANT! That not only helped with some of the odd sizes but it will also give me some free space for FMQ. Sarah also shared her preference for stabilizer – June Tailor T-Shirt Fusible InterfacingĀ – omg, let me just say that stuff has made everything easier!!

I also had a couple of small pieces that just didn’t have enough room to be sewn into a seam or were odd shaped so I ‘appliqued’ them to a bigger piece of t-shirt fabric. Below are a few shot of some of the shirts sewn together and some still waiting to be sewn…I’m about 1/4 way done.


In the picture above you can see the extra orange square I added to complete the seamIMG_3182

I’ve pinned up another section of blue t-shirt material I plan to insert when I get to that sectionIMG_3183

That odd shape is from the sleeve of one of the shirts that the client wanted included, so it’s been sewn to a larger piece of the t-shirt material.


I’ve also started another project that I’m hoping to have completed before my trip to Maryland on June 17. My niece is having a combination house-warming/birthday party and I want to give them a quilt as a present. I just love Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis fabrics and I happened to have a layer cake waiting to be used so I pulled it out and created a big granny square block. I got it all pieced together tonight


I still need to square it up and add a few borders…


Lastly, look at this lovely piece of remnant fabric I got at Hobby Lobby this week – what ever am I going to do with these golden, shimmery pineapples!!??!!


That’s about all for now…G’night

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