I found the motivation to get out the door for a run this morning…yay!

I told myself I couldn’t watch the French Open Final unless I went for a run…ha, and I bought it!! 😉

The weather was a bit warm and humid (71 degrees with 90% humidity) but thankfully it was also cloudy with a little breeze and few spritz of rain. I went to put on my Garmin watch but it said ‘low battery’ so I had to run without it today; instead I wore my Vivofit and I always have my phone & app.

I figured I might need some extra electrolytes so I dissolved a Camelbak tablet in water and drank about half before I left; I took plain water with me.


I had already used Mapmyrun to plot my course to include a few big hills in the neighborhood and a total of 4 miles. I set the app to my normal intervals and decided I would make this an easy run since I had skipped my runs during the week so I purposely started out slower than normal. Once I got my feet going I just fell into a a rhythm and tried not to force the pace.

I made it through the whole workout and I ran during all the run segments even when they were on the hills…yay! And my average pace was under 13…yay again! The even better part is when I finished 4 miles I knew I still had enough in the tank to go another 2 miles so hopefully next weekend’s 10k won’t be too bad. Now if only the weather will cooperate and not be both sunny & humid :-/


6.5.16 garmin

C25K app

6.5.16 rd

ttfn…watching the French Open now and will be sewing later.




2 thoughts on “Run…done

  1. Great running, Sharon! 🙂 That’s good that you were still feeling strong at the end of the run, especially with the hills and humidity. Best of luck for next weekend’s 10K. You’ll smash this one! 🙂

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