Blueberry Park Granny Square

Yay! I finished with a day to spare…what am I talking about?

My niece bought a new house and the housewarming party is this weekend. Of course I decided to make them a quilt and I pulled my most favorite fabric to make it with – Blueberry Park by Karen Lewis. I only had a layer cake (42 – 10″ squares) so I started planning a few weeks ago what design I would use. I just love the big bold prints so I didn’t want to cut them up into little pieces…hence I made a granny square block using the 10″ squares!

The lighting is really bad in this picture and colors are not true but you get the idea of the design:


And here’s a picture after all the color and border blocks were sewn together. The lighting is still bad but the colors are a little more true


I’ve trimmed and added 3 borders here


And here’s the finished quilt today…I used big free motion daisies all over the quilt…I just LOVE how it turned out!!! It measures just shy of 66″ square


A neutral backing


I made DH hold it up outside for me so I could get some decent pictures in natural light – not sure how successful it was :-s



I’m flying to Maryland tomorrow for the housewarming (which happens to fall on her birthday as well!) – it should be a great party!!! 😀

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13 thoughts on “Blueberry Park Granny Square

  1. Oh my goodness…it’s absolutely lovely. What a great idea, doing a giant Granny Square with a layer cake! I’ll be adding this to my “Must Quilt” list. Thank you so much for pointing me in this direction!

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  2. It’s wonderful! I’ve really been into big block quilts lately. Your colors are fantastic. You have me thinking about doing something similar with a charm pack for a wall hanging.

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