T-shirt quilt, BOM & more…

I’m making progress on my first commissioned t-shirt quilt…actually my first t-shirt quilt ever (why did I agree to make one for someone else first!?)

The client wants an organic look to the quilt (not something with all the same size blocks and sashing which would’ve been a bit easier!) so putting this together has been a slow process – like putting a puzzle together – and that never was my favorite thing!! Ha!

That said, I’ve figured out the top half and have it almost completely pieced…you can see a few shirts still hanging off the right side. There is also a partial seam hanging in the middle (on the left side of the center shirt) waiting to be finished. I’ve learned I’m not a big fan of partial seams…at least not this many!

6-20-2016 3-25-57 PM

Because this one takes so much brain power, I’ve been taking regular breaks to work on something else (or maybe I’m just procrastinating!). I worked on the June block for Sugar Block club this morning – pulling the fabrics was the hardest part.


And I’ve also started working on a rainbow hearts quilt to send to Orlando MQG (learn more here) in support of #quiltsforpulse. I need to make a few more orange, yellow & green before I start planning the layout.


That’s about all for now…I’ve got the day off so I think I’m gonna go kick my feet up and take a nap!!



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