A little run

I finally went for a run…actually I had talked myself into going for a walk and once I was out there I changed my mind. I didn’t wear my Garmin or my Vivofit2, I just took my phone and set the C25K app so I could change between walking fast & slow.

At 9am, the temperature was already 76 and the humidity was at 80% so, yes it was warm…ugh. Since I hadn’t run in 3 weeks I figured I would just walk and get my muscles moving again, but when the warm-up period was over and the app told me to ‘run’ I decided to try it. Oh boy, the muscles & bones & lungs were feeling quite creaky (!) but I stuck it out, taking it slow.

I managed to get through 7 run segments before I called it quits and walked for another segment to just cool down…I was pretty overheated by that time and since I hadn’t planned on running I only brought 1 bottle of water – doh!

6.26.16 rd

The only lingering issue is the groin muscle on my right side…it only bothers me when I’m running uphill so I think I’ll avoid hills for a while – that won’t break my heart! LOL



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