Quilt for Pulse – done

I finished up the #quiltsforpulse quilt this evening, Yay…just in time for the fireworks!

I pulled this lovely, almost rainbow striped fabric from my stash to use as the binding and I tried a different technique for sewing it on…I wish I could remember whose blog I saw it on because I would so totally give them all the credit they deserve!


Essentially, after you sew the binding to the front, use a ruler to mark a 1/8″ line on the back – beside the line of stitching you just did to sew it to the front. Then when you turn the binding to the back you line up the edge with the drawn line and sew close to that edge. Of course I’ll need a little more practice to get better but I’m really happy with the results. The binding is even on both sides and the stitches almost don’t show on the front side (except for where I got off the mark two times and sewed into the binding – I didn’t take any pictures of that!!)


I’ve got it in the wash now with 2 color catchers just to be on the safe side. I’ll  mail it out this week, hoping it brings someone a little comfort…ttfn…



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