American 4 miler

So I did a little run yesterday…I had actually forgotten that I signed up to run a 4 mile race on the 4th of July even though I had run it for the last two years…geez, where is my brain!?

Thankfully my running buddies reminded me late last week however I didn’t take the opportunity to do any training runs. But I still got up at 5:30 am yesterday morning and did the run!

I was dreading the weather because they were forecasting upper 70’s with 80% humidity for the 7:30am start…virtually swimming! But we were blessed with a rain storm that passed through in the wee hours which lowered the humidity a bit and the clouds stayed around for the entire run…YAY!

I knew I was going to have to take it easy or I’d never last 4 miles so I stuck with my 3 min/1.5 min intervals and  started out relatively slow for the first several run segments. I ran without any music for the first two miles – it was really nice. I took in my surroundings and even talked with a few other runners on occasion, clearly not pushing for any PR!

After 2 miles I turned on some running music and focused on completing the run, my legs were feeling pretty good and during a walk break at the 40 min mark I ate my Salted Caramel GU – yummmm! The rest of the run was pretty uneventful, I made the final turn for the finish line and picked up my pace as much as I could to get in under 55 minutes.


American 4 Miler 7.4.16

C25K app

(I forgot to shut it off right away)

7.4.16 rd

And our funny finisher’s photo!

(That’s me on the right – I had already finished my beer!!)

American 4 Miler

And then there’s the bling


ttfn and…G’night!


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