O.M.G. November

I’ve joined a new group online to help me get my quilty projects completed…it’s called “One Monthly Goal” (OMG) and it’s being hosted by Elm Street Quilts. The premise is to pick a project you want to get accomplished that month, post it to the linkup page and then get cracking!!

My OMG for November is to finish a whole cloth quilt requested by a friend. I had two girlfriends visit last month and they both just raved about my quilting passion. One of them actually bought two quilts I had completed earlier this year and the other asked for a specific quilt for the back of her couch. We went fabric shopping and she picked out these beauties


I’ve not done a whole cloth quilt before but I think the hardest part will be deciding how to actually quilt it!!

Time to get crackin!!!


2 thoughts on “O.M.G. November

  1. I need to join that group! I have 3 quilt tops ready to be quilted. I ordered an Avante and am waiting for it to be set up so that I can quilt all of them on it. That should probably happen either late this week or next and then I’ll be busy finishing them up in time for Christmas.


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